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Cilcennin Church 1683 sketched by Thomas Dineley, note the spelling of the church

                                                                 courtesy of National Museum of Wales



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More recent view of the Cilcennin Church, Cardiganshire, Wales. 
It is believed that Jenkin Davies (Davis) was baptized and possibly married in this church. 



Welsh Cottage


  Davies Cottage in Cardiganshire, Wales


Old Welsh Cemetary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Jenkin Davies of Earl Township died in 1747. We know that his wife Mary survived him, but not when she herself died. Nor do we know with certainty where she and Jenkin lie today, although we can make an educated guess. A mile or so to the east of the Jenkin Davies house on the Conestoga, just to the west of Terre Hill in East Earl Township, a low hill rises along the north side of the Lancaster road. Toward the top of that rise sits a substantial and tidy Menonnite farm. Behind their barn, tucked in a notch of the cornfield, is an ancient cemetery containing the dust of several dozen of the area's first white settlers in a square plot bounded by a low stone wall. The graves of Jenkin and Mary's sons, John and Zaccheus, alongside their wives, lie in a line in the middle of the cemetery. The crumbling and barely legible headstones of John and Elizabeth make one pair, and a few feet away the stones of Zaccheus and his wife Joanna make the second pair. Between the two pairs is just the right space for two more graves, although no stones survive to witness for their inhabitants. One would like to believe that Jenkin and Mary lie there. 

Davis Farm Home


   Farm Home of Eli Davis


Davis descendants gather on the porch of the 
Davis House, Hyattstown, Maryland, 2005



 Davis Family Reunion in 1993  54th Reunion


Isaac Davis and FamilyIsaac Davis (1841-1913), rear center, with his wife Francis Spalding Davis, (1842-1905) left rear, Frederick County, Maryland, 1901


Davis House


George Davisí house in Hyattstown, Maryland, built circa 1810



Davis Children

Three Davis children about 1920


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